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Institute for Canine Forensics
ICF is a non-profit organization in Northern California
for the advancement of research and education of Forensic Evidence and Human Remains Detection Dog teams.

ICF's intention is the continuance of research projects providing needed information on the canine olfactory capabilities in relation to forensic evidence searching and detection of historical graves and burial sites.

Video Documentary and Production

We use digital video cameras to record an outstanding film-like look. Our editing is completed on Adobe Premiere, the friendly yet sophisticated editing software. We master DVDs and MPEG 4 files in our office, which means you get your project much faster.

LFC Studio works with companies and individuals to produce a variety of multimedia projects that help promote communication within the firm, provide training materials, create instructional videos, as well as marketing materials for customers. Use the clout of video to put your message across in a much more memorable way than a newsletter, memo or meeting...

LFC Studio created and produced many educational documentaries in cooperation with CSST and the Institute for Canine Forensics, a charitable non-profit organization in Northern California. Some of our multimedia compilations were used as a resource by popular TV channel Animal Planet.

MapTools provides GPS users with the tools and knowledge to fully utilize geographic coordinates. MapTools produces grids, corner rulers, roamers, and rulers to assist with plotting or measuring positions on many different scales of maps. Tools for both UTM/MGRS and Latitude/Longitude coordinates are available.

If you are a new GPS user, you will want to visit the tutorial pages for an introduction to geographic coordinate systems.

If you are already an experienced map and GPS user, you have come to the right place to get professional quality plotting tools. MapTools' products are in daily use by many federal, state, and local land management agencies, along with military, law enforcement, and search and rescue teams around the world. You'll want to jump directly to the pages describing the tools.

In addition to the tools designed by MapTools, I sell a few other useful products that I've personally used and found to be useful additions to my navigation and mapping tool kit.

Over the last 20 years I've taught hundreds of people both traditional backcountry navigation skills and the latest techniques using GPS receivers and computerized mapping systems. Contact me if you're interested in arranging training for your group.

I am also teaching a wilderness navigation class for the Parks Management Dept. at West Valley College in Saratoga.