Canine specialists are trained to detect human remains and forensic evidence...

Specially trained Forensic Evidence Dogs or Human Remains Detection Dogs are used for cases like: buried bodies, disarticulation, old cases, bone searches, blood evidence, residual scents, crime scenes, building searches, and vehicle searches.

Searching for human remains at a San Jose fire site

If the missing person is despondent or a potential suicide you will need area search dogs that have been cross-trained as cadaver search dogs. Using both resources will give the best coverage, whether the missing person is alive or dead.

The Human Remains Detection Dog is trained to alert on residual scent along with other faint scent sources like dried blood. The dog is taught not to disturb the crime scene by digging or retrieving evidence. An important skill the dog is taught is how to search homes or vehicles without causing harm to property. The dog is taught to discriminate between human and all other non-human items. The dogs usually work more slowly and more methodically.

CSST strongly believes that canines trained and certified as specialists for human remains and forensic evidence detection are the best resource to use.